Our Family

Here is our crazy family! 

Before I tell you about us, let me reassure you that I am not one of these perfect, recipe posting, housecleaning scheduling, craft creating super moms. Not at all! 

I also don't claim to be a guru on all things allergy and I'm not out trying to save the world. I'm just a mom with a story that I think will be interesting to those families out there that share peanut allergies and are seeking a cure just like us.

Jessica is the baby of the family and the only girl. She is very enthusiastic about life and definitely a drama queen sometimes! She is allergic to tree nuts, eggs and mustard. 

Ryan is my fabulous middle child, always thinking about others. He loves football, WWE and all video games. Ryan lucked out with no food allergies at all! 

Matthew is my oldest, the guinea pig and subject of this blog. He's been allergic to peanuts, well probably forever but had his first reaction at age one.

I myself am a labor and delivery nurse, (one of the most fun jobs ever!) and my husband Dave is a Worship Pastor. 
We live, work and play on the Eastern Shore of MD.


  1. Thank you for sharing your journey. Also an RN - lactation, with 3 kids - 2 with multiple FA, 1 without. One of my guys talks about the patch frequently and we are grateful for those in the trials helping to safely make it available to all.

    1. Thanks! It's going well so far and I'm optimistic!

  2. My middle child is also named Ryan and is food allergy free. Lucky boys those Ryan's! Our eldest is PA only (been that way forever) and is 14 now. Our youngest is Tree nuts (pistachio and walnut), fish, shellfish, banana and zucchini. Thanks for your blog. I enjoy reading it.