Sunday, June 21, 2015

Tomorrow is the big day! Maybe...

Tomorrow is the day that we are scheduled to go to Hopkins for the unblinding! That means we will find out if Matthew has been on the placebo or the real peanut patch. We have been anxiously awaiting this moment for a year! We thought it would never come, but here we are. We have said all along that we believe he has been on the placebo, but we will know for sure very soon:).

HOWEVER...Matthew has a cold. He has had a fever of 102 for 4 days and a sore throat and cough. He's been lying around on the couch doing nothing. And by nothing I really mean nothing; he has actually been too sick to even get up and play on his Xbox!

I've been in contact with with the research assistant daily and she says we may not be able to go through with the challenge this week. I believe it's because the sore throat and cough could make an allergic reaction difficult to discern, but it could also be a bad idea to expose him to peanuts with an already compromised immune system. Ugh.

Anyway, here is the plan as it stands: We go to Baltimore Monday and Wednesday all day for the peanut oral challenge. Just like the first time, one day will be a placebo and one day will be actual peanuts. The dosage goes MUCH higher this time.  During the initial food challenge last June, Matt consumed the entire amount of 1044 mg of peanut, or about four peanuts. This time the dosage goes up to 5044mg! That's 21 peanuts, and enough to make any food allergy mama uncomfortable. They will stop the challenge when he starts to have a significant reaction.
They will also draw 55ml of blood (about a quarter cup) so they've told me to make sure he is well hydrated.  

We had planned to make this little science experiment into a vacation again like we did last summer, but I haven't been able to book a hotel yet since I don't know for sure if we are going. I guess we will have to wing it in the morning. We have an annual pass to the aquarium so we'll definitely go there, and then I think we will hit the B&O Railroad Museum too. Of course, all my kids ever require to have fun on a trip is the hotel pool!   

As of now, I just gave the poor guy some Tylenol and tucked him into bed. He still has a fever and is feeling miserable. 

Hoping for a miraculous recovery in the morning!

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