Saturday, March 14, 2015

Spring Update

Hello! I hope everyone had a great winter and is enjoying the spring weather. I haven't had an update in a while, mostly because life has been pretty uneventful, which is always good:).

Matthew has been healthy and his peanut patch trial is still going well. He has not had any side effects at all in fact he didn't even have so much as the sniffles this winter. He's just finishing up the wrestling season and he and his little brother have thoroughly enjoyed it! Matt is growing like a weed. He's just one month shy of turning 14 and is almost as tall as his Dad!

Matt and his wrestling coach at his match.

Matthew had his patch checkup in Baltimore last week. Just the usual; vitals signs, height and weight, peak air flow studies, skin assessment and a big old bag of new patches. Our next appointment will be in June for the food challenges and then the unblinding where we will find out if he has been wearing the low dose, high dose or placebo patch. We can't wait to find out!!! We definitely have our money on placebo but time will tell. 

It's been super exciting reading about the patch trials that are being resulted! In the phase 2 trial, 50% of kids wearing the highest dose patch for 12 months showed a significant increase in tolerance to peanuts. That's a huge number in the science world! Here is the link to the company that produces the patch if you'd like to read more:DBV 

We had an accidental peanut exposure a few weeks ago. Dave and Matt were driving home from church in Delaware and were about an hour away. They drove through McDonalds and ordered an Oreo McFlurry as they have a hundred times. Matt took one bite and realized they had given him a peanut butter cup McFlurry instead. He spit it out and said he only swallowed a little. 

Dave called me right away to ask if they should give the Epi and I told him I would call the allergist (he wants to be notified of any exposures and/or Epipen use). Unfortunately I couldn't find his number quickly enough so they just decided to give it. Matt did not have any symptoms at all, but we don't know if that's because they gave the Epi so fast, because he ate so little, or because of the patch.

You might be thinking that we shouldn't order any ice cream from McDonalds since they have peanut butter and you'd be right. Even though they mix each ice cream separately with a clean, disposable spoon, this is just the kind of thing that could go wrong.

Really, I knew we shouldn't, and I had actually voiced this out loud several times, but we felt the risk of cross contamination was pretty slim so we continued to buy them. Also, this used to be a safe food, as they previously only sold M&M and Oreo flavors, with the addition of Reese's being new. As an allergy parent, I hate to keep crossing safe foods off the list of foods he can eat, but lesson learned. We won't make that mistake again!

Our family is planning a vacation to Disney after Easter and we are super excited! We aren't telling the kids until the day we leave, so if you know us personally, keep it on the DL! My Mom has been generous enough to pay for the whole family, and we have an amazing week planned:staying in the Animal Kingdom Villas, eating all of our meals in the park, and getting park hopper passes.  Disney is known for being extremely accommodating with food allergies, as has been our experience on past trips so I'm excited to share all of the details with you. I'm going for purely investigational purposes, you know. Just to find out about food allergies in Disney. It's a tough job, but hey-someone's got to do it!

That's all for now, so until the next time, Happy Spring!

P.S.- I have been absent on social media for a while because I am detoxing and spending time with my family, so I apologize if you have tried to follow one of my sites and have come across a dead link. Working full time, going to school, having kids and being a Pastor's wife keep me super busy and I just needed to cut something for a bit. I do miss being on Facebook, but it has been really refreshing to put my phone down and be more present. I'll be back soon!

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